Loaner Endoscopes

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Loaner Endoscopes

3 West Medical provides loaner endoscopes and due to our growth nationally, we have added many endoscopes to our loaner pool. This investment is an investment in you, our customer, who we value and understand that the availability of a loaner is crucial to the smooth operation of your business.

The following are examples of endoscopes that are maintained in our loaner inventory:

  • Olympus® Colonoscopes, Gastroscopes and Duodenoscopes
  • Pentax® models of Colonoscopes and Gastroscopes
  • Storz® and Stryker® Surgical Camera Heads
  • Most brands of Rigid Arthroscopes, Laporoscopes, Cystoscopes, etc.
  • ACMI® Rigid and Semi-rigid Ureteroscopes
  • Video and Fiber Bronchoscopes (Olympus and Pentax)
  • Flexible Intubation Scopes (Olympus and Pentax)

Loaner Policy

Call the 3 West Medical Repair Department or contact us at if you need a loaner for the repair being sent to us.

The following policies apply:

  • When a loaner is requested, a purchase order must be provided before the loaner will be shipped.
  • Damage to the loaner endoscope/equipment is the responsibility of the user. Any repairs needed to return the equipment to its original specifications will be invoiced on the loaner purchase order number.
  • The customer is responsible for all loaner shipping charges.