Endoscope Repair

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Endoscope Repairs

3 West Medical repairs all makes and models of flexible and rigid endoscopes in our state of the art service center. Endoscopes and surgical equipment are very delicate, complex devices. Having them repaired by experienced, qualified technicians is extremely important because mishandling or improper repair can lead to higher repair costs in the long run. Our Quality Control and Supervisors are Master Technicians that were originally trained by the manufacturers. They have years of experience executing both major and minor repairs.

We have the highest standards in quality; all repaired equipment is calibrated and tested to meet the manufacturer’s specifications, and any components requiring replacement are done so with brand new precision parts. We are confident that you will find our repair service delivers the highest quality, the best value, and the fastest turnaround time in the industry.

3 West Medical has:

  • Fast turn-around Time
  • All Work is Guaranteed
  • Unmatched Customer Service
  • Significant Savings to the Customer

3 West Medical also repairs:

  • Cameras
  • Light sources
  • Processors
  • Suction regulators
  • Fiberoptic light cables

For qualified clients, customized service contracts provide a streamlined process for repairs while also allowing the customer to have a fixed budget for repairs for the year.

Specializing in Both Large and Small Diameter Endoscopes

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